Re: Combining vertical text direction of page with ‘right-to-left’ text direction of a table

Battsengel Ichinnorov (Bachka) ichinnorovb at
Mon Apr 10 21:33:19 UTC 2023

Dear Regina,

thank you very much that you still remembering our talk at German 
Community Meeting.

- Yes, we need it in Mongolian old script. These information was for me 
very useful for Mongolian old script, which uses top-to-down with 

I mean like in your example document "Page mongolianVert Table RTL.odt". 
I will test it later the full functionality of this settings and respond 
you back.

- Yes, for the second question too. Because our Cyrillic script uses 
normal left-to-right with top-to-down. I think both scripts in one 
document combined are at the moment usual usage.

- For other questions i need more tests to answer those.

Best regards


PS: I have at moment less time for testing (Mother in my House from 
Mongolia for 2 months, :D), sorry. but it has piqued my interest and 
motivates me to do more, ;). Thank you for your effort!

Battsengel Ichinnorov

On 10.04.23 18:38, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m on working to specify the property “style:writing-mode” for ODF. 
> That property is called “text direction” in the UI of LibreOffice.
> A page in a text document has the setting “Text direction” in section 
> “Paper Format” on tab “Page” of the “Page Style” dialog. Possible 
> values are
> Left-to-right (horizontal)
> Right-to-left (horizontal)
> Right-to-left (vertical)
> Left-to-right (vertical)
> A table has the setting “Text direction” in section “Properties” on 
> tab “Table” in “Table Properties” dialog. Possible values are
> Left-to-right (LTR)
> Right-to-left (RTL)
> Use superordinate object settings
> LibreOffice can combine a vertical text direction at the page with RTL 
> text direction of the table.
> Are such combinations actually used in documents?
> Does LibreOffice render the texts in the way users need it?
> What is the intended behavior of such combinations?
> Kind regards,
> Regina

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