Next LibreOffice version will be 7.6

Michael H cmahte at
Tue Apr 11 16:43:10 UTC 2023

The year/month scheme is much more honest about what's going on.

Possibly migrate the 'minor'  version to a datecode and separate it from
the major revision number:

LibreOffice 7.  202404 release. (or 2404) and for bleeding edge
(2404.151515) where that's coded date--hh--mm, (there won't ever be a 2nd
release within a minute?) )

You could still list them as a single number 7.2404.151515... but that will
in the short term cause a bit of confusion about the sudden
drastic increase in revision number.

This way, the major version represents a major change that affects
compatibility, or huge interface swap, or another major app included in the
suite... etc.

But the drum beat releases are "honest" and immediately convey what they

And honestly, I choose software on the date scheme over 'random' numbers.
It's easier to keep up with, and shows integrity and traceability and
foreplanning all at the same time.
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