ESC meeting minutes: 2023-04-06

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Sat Apr 15 03:00:13 UTC 2023

* Documentation (Olivier)

    + Google Season of Docs (Olivier)
      + submitted a project
      + sadly not accepted, no feedback (only 13 orgs accepted -
perhaps a funding
      + unclear why - hard to action/improve
      + something that TDF could jump in? (Thorsten)
      + DevGuide and other projects - would be very helpful (Hossein)

          + lots of work in need of doing, e.g. translation

       + SDK - JLOP book that only targets Java


Hossein, Do you recognise that about two thirds of JLOP has been
directly translated into PLOP

BTW, Base is looking fairly tired. Are there any resources to address
bugs? There is not much alternative for open source database

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