UI/accessibility dev advice needed on change 150546

Lionel Élie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Thu Apr 27 04:19:58 UTC 2023


I'm reviewing https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/150546
by Nirnay. It adds a .ui file, and a "make" outputs warning like

WARNING: 'GtkLabel' 'browselabel' does not specify what it labels within 'GtkFrame' 'frame1'

The other preexisting .ui files also generate a bunch of them, but
they are silenced in a .suppr file...

What is our policy on this? Should/can Nirnay just silence them, too,
by adding them to the .suppr file? I guess not. Please tell Nirnay
what he should do in respect of this; I'd rather not commit as is
with the warning (nor simply suppressing them) unless a
UI/accessibility knowledgeable persons signs off on it
(the rest of the change is nearly ready to merge, and should be
 completely ready within an hour so.)

Thanks in advance,


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