Trouble with theme color in docx

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Wed Jan 4 15:11:17 UTC 2023

Hi Regina

On Wed, Jan 4, 2023 at 4:41 AM Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at>

> Hi Tomaž,
> Tomaž Vajngerl schrieb am 03.01.2023 um 12:02:
> >
> > Yes, you can add the missing long keys here and map them to the
> > dark/light variant.
> It turned out, that that was not the only place to change. Adding the
> missing long key gives the correct color, but the FillColorTheme
> property still has value -1.
> So I have added the values too to Color::getSchemeColorIndex().
> I have added all of the key variants I have seen in the ISO standard.
> But I could not produce docx documents, which uses them. If you think,
> that only those key variants should be added, for which test documents
> exists, I can remove the others. Or perhaps you know how to generate
> (other than manually) documents that use them?
> To make it easier to discuss the problem I have put my suggestion into a
> patch, see

That looks fine to me. Adding all of them is OK for me.

> Unfortunately MS Word uses VML not only as fall back, but for example if
> Word opens an odf-file with a Fontwork with bitmap fill, Word converts
> it so to docx that VML is the main choice. Reason in this case is, that
> DrawingML is not able to express an 'abc Transform' with bitmap fill,
> VML can express it as WordArt.

Oh I see.. no way around it then.

> Another question: There exists no LineColorTheme. Will it come?

Yes, and also other places that use a color will have one, but first I need
to finish the ground work.

> Kind regards
> Regina

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