Regarding GSoC Idea: Improving Zoner Draw import filter

Siddharth Khattar skhattar111 at
Wed Jan 4 18:42:32 UTC 2023


I had recently been checking out the GSOC 2022 Ideas list at: (as there isn't
a list yet for 2023), and one idea, in particular, caught my attention:
Improve Zoner Draw import filter.
As I researched the idea further, I found out that it had been implemented
the libzmf library for LibreOffice as a GSOC 2016 project and I would need
to build further on top of this project.
Are there any foreseeable roadblocks or challenges to the execution of this
In which area should I start focusing my research in to start working on
the document to successfully implement this idea as part of GSoC 2023?
I have already sent e-mails asking for help/tips regarding this particular
idea to David Tardon at dtardon at (who is listed as a potential
mentor) and Alex P at alex.pantec at (who did the initial
implementation for libzmf library). I haven't received a reply from either
yet though so just in case are there other mentors available at LibreOffice
who could help me accomplish this task?
Also, Is anyone else currently aiming to implement this idea at LibreOffice
or in the LibreOffice open-source community?
Lastly, are there any other tips or thoughts regarding this that you would
like to give me?

Thanking for your time and consideration,
Siddharth K
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