build failure on musl libc (linux) since 7.4

alice alice at
Thu Jan 5 06:19:41 UTC 2023

starting from 7.4, building libreoffice fails with something like

[AWK] CustomTarget/postprocess/registry/fcfg_langpack_en-US.list
[CFG] registry
make[1]: /bin/sh: Argument list too long

a more full (still trimmed; it's huge) make -d output is available:

i would assume this is a recent bug in the build system, as afaict the relevant
part of the length of the argument list there in that log is about 800k.

$ getconf ARG_MAX # glibc
$ getconf ARG_MAX # musl

and that has not changed for a long time for either (afaik). so, it would have
to be something changed since (which builds fine).

i also reproduced this on latest master (around
d3a5a97f77378421f17b1fa43d0b88dde8bc686a) without any system libraries or fancy
configure arguments (just default ./configure), so i don't think any other
information is necessary, aside from it being with make 4.4.

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