Request for [API CHANGE] in spell checking: add new options to disable rule-based compounding

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Thu Jan 5 09:31:54 UTC 2023

On 04/01/2023 14:18, Németh László wrote:
> I've started to add two new spell checking options to 
> css.linguistic2.XLinguProperties
> Commit: <>

So this is about the addition of

>     /** defines whether spell checking should be accept rule-based
>          closed compounding of dictionary words.
>         @since LibreOffice 7.6
>     */
>     [attribute] boolean IsSpellClosedCompound;
>     /** defines whether spell checking should be accept rule-based
>          hyphenated compounding of dictionary words.
>         @since LibreOffice 7.6
>     */
>     [attribute] boolean IsSpellHyphenatedCompound;

to the published interface css.linguistic2.XLinguProperties in 
"tdf#136306 offapi linguistic: add options to disable rule-based 
compounding", which is an ABI-breaking change.

But looking closer, when 
"fdo#46808, Convert linguistic2::LingProperties to new style" introduced 
that css.linguistic2.XLinguProperties interface, it gave it various 
interface attributes (IsUseDictionaryList, IsIgnoreControlCharacters, 
IsSpellUpperCase, etc.) for no compelling reason:  XLinguProperties is 
meant to be the implementation interface of the service LinguProperties, 
which was changed by that commit from an old-style to a new-style 
service.  The original old-style service implemented XPropertySet and 
listed a number of supported properties.  The XLinguProperties interface 
also inherits from XPropertySet, and that should arguably have been all 
that is necessary to make LinguProperties a new-style service.  But that 
commit also added (some of) the properties of the old-style 
LinguProperties service as attributes to XLinguProperties, for no 
compelling reason.  All those entities should be available through the 
XPropertySet interface, so there is no need to also have them available 
through attribute getters and setters.

Thus I would suggest to:

* Revert the addition of the two new attributes, instead adding 
documentation to offapi/com/sun/star/linguistic2/XLinguProperties.idl 
that those two properties are available through the XPropertySet 
interface since LibreOffice 7.6.

* Optionally, also mark all the other attributes of XLinguProperties as 
deprecated, stating in the documentation that they should instead be 
accessed via the XPropertySet interface.

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