boost 1.81 breaks libetonyek and gtv-calc-header-bar.cxx

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Sun Jan 8 19:19:52 UTC 2023

On 8.1.2023 16.23, Douglas Guptill wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 08, 2023 at 04:40:12AM +0000, - Etna wrote:
>> Boost 1.81 has been released, but Libreoffice has not been able to
>> be compiled against it for more than a month.
>> Compilation fails with a whole bunch of duplicate symbol errors and
>> libreoffice compilation cannot proceed.
> I'm glad to hear that news.
> I've been having compile trouble (at least some of which seems to be
> related to boost) for several days, and being new to libreoffice, I am
> wondering just what to do about it.  Repeating the compile doesn't
> solve the problem.  :)
> I have boost-1.78.0 on my system.  I could add this to my autogen.input
>    --with-system-boost
> Does that sound like a reasonable thing to do?

If you pull new commits with 'git pull -r' or './g pull -r' and you 
still see the problem, you could share the error here.


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