boost 1.81 breaks libetonyek and gtv-calc-header-bar.cxx

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Mon Jan 9 07:37:16 UTC 2023

On 1/9/23 08:17, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 1/8/23 05:40, - Etna wrote:
>> Boost 1.81 has been released, but Libreoffice has not been able to be 
>> compiled against it for more than a month. Compilation fails with a 
>> whole bunch of duplicate symbol errors and libreoffice compilation 
>> cannot proceed. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Have Boost 1.81 present on the 
>> system 2. Build Libreoffice with ---with-system-boost, making sure 
>> that the configuration script points to Boost 1.81 3. Build error 
>> about implicit instantiation for gtv-calc-header-bar.cxx and duplicate 
>> symbols for libetonyek occur. Please see attachment. Actual Results: A 
>> whole bunch of errors about duplicate symbols appear. Please see 
>> attachment for the output. Expected Results: The build process should 
>> have proceeded with no errors. Reproducible: Always reproducible ever 
>> since Boost 1.81 beta was released up till today.
> see 
> <> "std::tuple support (Resolving #103) (#104)"

that should have read: see 
<> "Avoid 
boost::phoenix::placeholders::uarg1..10 ODR violations" (and now I see 
that that issue had already been discussed earlier in 
<> "Partial Revert 
'std::tuple support (Resolving #103) (#104)'" and left unresolved so far)

> (as incorporated in our <> "Upgrade external/boost to latest Boost 1.81.0")

(and the gtv-calc-header-bar.cxx issue should hopefully be addressed by 
<> "Missing include" now)

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