LibreOffice architecture support (was: Fwd: Plan to remove dead C++ UNO bridge implementations (bridges/source/cpp_uno/*))

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Thu Jan 12 09:48:36 UTC 2023

On 10/01/2023 19:57, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Hi Stephan!
>> There are currently 27 different, per-platform C++ UNO bridge 
>> implementations at
>> bridges/source/cpp_uno/, some of which are presumably dead by now. And 
>> my recent
>> <!/>
>> "Rudimentary support for dynamic_cast on UNO proxy objects" (which had 
>> to touch
>> each of them individually) was the latest example how even presumably 
>> dead ones
>> have ongoing maintenance cost. Therefore, I would like to remove (on 
>> master,
>> towards LO 7.6) the ones that can clearly be identified as being dead.
>> Below, I sorted those 27 implementations into 5 categories: Ideally, 
>> each active
>> implementation would be built regularly by Jenkins; those 9 that are 
>> go into category
>> 1. Next, there are 2 additional implementations that I know are built 
>> for Fedora
>> releases; they go into category 2. Next, there are 2 additional 
>> implementations
>> that I presume are built for Debian releases (Rene, correct me if I'm 
>> wrong);
>> they go into category 3. And then there are 3 implementations that are 
>> presumably
>> in active use elsewhere (Tor, wjh-la, Sakura286, correct me if I'm 
>> wrong); which
>> go into category 4. That leaves 11 implementations that are presumably 
>> dead, in
>> category 5.
>> (5) Presumably dead:
>> * gcc3_solaris_intel
>> * gcc3_solaris_sparc
> Oracle is still maintaining Solaris until at least 2035 and OpenIndiana 
> is still maintained, too.
> According to this article, LibreOffice 7.2.7 was shipped with 
> OpenIndiana 2022.10:
> So, I'm not sure dropping Solaris support is a good idea either.

Thanks for that link.

 From <> it looks like at least 
OpenIndiana only supports x86-64, so neither gcc3_solar_intel (32-bit 
x86) nor gcc3_solaris_sparc (32-bit SPARC) should be relevant for it. 
I'm adding Andreas Wacknitz (who's the author of recent OpenIndiana 
announcements like 
in CC, maybe he can shed some light on this.  (Andreas, my full original 
email starting this thread is at 
"Plan to remove dead C++ UNO bridge implementations 

I don't know if there are any other Solaris-based offerings for which 
current LO master gcc3_solaris_intel and/or gcc3_solar_sparc would still 
be relevant.  If somebody knows of any, please report back here.

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