Question re the uno-skeletonmaker'-t' CLI qualifier

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I've been referred to this mailing list for an answer to the following question, originally posted at

According to the argument ‘-t’  “specifies a UNOIDL type name, e.g. (can be used more than once)”.  This wording is the same as both the uno-skeletonmaker command-line ‘help’ and the introductory comments in the source code for 'skeletonmaker.cxx'.

However I don't understand which entity the UNOIDL type name is intended to qualify.  For example, is it the type of the skeleton code to be generated (presumably not, since that’s defined by the ‘calc-add-in’ command), the type of each value returned by the Java methods implemented in this addIn, or something else?  Anything I've tried results in an "unknown entity" diagnostic.

About seven years ago I wrote an addIn which works well, but it was developed by hand-coding everything from scratch and modifying the 'make' file given in the SDK examples.  My reference document was the " 3.1 Developer's Guide" published by Sun Microsystems in 2009.  I'm now attempting to recompile this addIn using the LO SDK toolset before embarking on a new project.

I'd be grateful for any light which members of this list can shed.

David Lochrin
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