Question re the uno-skeletonmaker'-t' CLI qualifier

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed Jan 25 09:05:42 UTC 2023

On 25/01/2023 05:14, David wrote:
> Using the three '-l' options shown above and in the following test 
> command with *no**'-t' option* results in a skeletonmaker error, 
> presumably because '-t' and '-n' are mandatory in the 'calc-add-in' 
> command (BUG: the '-t' is displayed in upper case, which can be 
> misleading given case-sensitivity):

see <> "Fix typo"

> However treating the '-t' option as a service rather than an interface, 
> as follows, works.  An <org/openoffice/adl/util> directory tree is 
> created in the directory where the skeletonmaker CLI command was run, 
> and a very plausible skeleton file was created in <util> 
> though I haven't been through it in detail.
> Your comment "[...] So I would assume that -t must specify that 
> interface type." is what I'd expect too.  That's reinforced by the HELP 
> text which states:  "-t <name> specifies a UNOIDL type name, e.g. 
> (can be used more than once". Not much doubt 
> there...

So the uno-skeletonmaker help and diagnostic output apparently uses, 
somewhat consistently but maybe also somewhat confusingly, the term 
"type" to mean both UNOIDL interfaces and UNOIDL services.

> There's evidently a discrepancy between the LibreOffice Developer's 
> Guide, the skeletonmaker HELP text, introductory comments in the 
> skeletonmaker source code, all other API guides which repeat the HELP 
> text, and what actually works.

Not sure there's any actual discrepancies here?  (Note how 
also states:  "The add-in component has to support two services, the 
<idl></idl> service, and an additional service 
that is used to identify the set of functions that the add-in supplies.")

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