does the CLI option --cat (text to stdout) work?

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Jan 27 07:18:38 UTC 2023

On 27/01/2023 01.00, Jono wrote:
> LibreOffice-still.basic-x86_64.AppImage --version
> LibreOffice 64390860c6cd0aca4beafafcfd84613dd9dfb63a

This LibreOffice version is outdated.

> LibreOffice-still.basic-x86_64.AppImage --help
> reports:
>     --cat               Dump text content of the following files to console
>                         (implies --headless). Cannot be used with --convert-to.
> but the following produces no output:
> ./LibreOffice-still.basic-x86_64.AppImage --cat test.odt
> Does this feature work?

For a "test.odt" that contains the text "Test 123", this gives the 
expected result for me for both, a current development version and the 
Debian-provided LibreOffice 7.4.4:

$ libreoffice --cat /tmp/test.odt
Test 123

If it doesn't work with an up to date LibreOffice version, please report 
a bug in our Bugzilla issue tracker (and attach the test.odt you're using):

Since you're using an AppImage version of LibreOffice, I'd also suggest 
to first check whether it works when using the version from the official 
LibreOffice download page [1] instead.


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