Configuration problem: checking for UCRT location fails

Hossein Nourikhah hossein at
Fri Jan 27 13:23:05 UTC 2023


One of our mentees was trying to build LibreOffice on Windows using 
LODE. At first, he mistakenly didn't install C/C++ development workload 
("Desktop development with C++") from Visual Studio 2022. He had only 
installed individual components that were listed in the TDF wiki.

But after checking the Visual Studio 2022 workloads and individual 
components in a joint call, he also installed the above workload, and I 
think the installed Visual Studio workloads and components are OK now. 
He can successfully compile and run a test C++ program in Visual Studio 

Even now, when invoking ./, he gets this error message. The 
complete log is also attached as config-output.txt.

$ ./
checking for Windows SDK... found Windows SDK 10.0 
checking for midl.exe... C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows 
checking for csc.exe... 
checking for al.exe... C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft 
SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX 4.8.1 Tools\/al.exe
checking .NET Framework... found: 
checking whether jumbo sheets are supported... yes
checking whether to enable runtime optimizations... yes
checking for valgrind/valgrind.h... no
checking for sys/sdt.h... no
checking what the C++ library is... configure: error: Could not figure 
out what C++ library this is
Error running configure at ./ line 322.
make: *** No rule to make target 'check'.  Stop.

The problem can also be seen from config.log, which is also attached. At 
some point, the compiler is detected correctly, but the UCRT library is 

configure:13493: checking build compiler
configure:13527: result: 
configure:13573: checking for short pathname of VC product directory
configure:13576: result: C:/PROGRA~1/MICROS~1/2022/COMMUN~1/VC
configure:13582: checking for UCRT location
configure:13586: result:  ()

I had also a similar issue on my computer. As I could successfully 
configure LibreOffice in a Cygwin shell, and not in another with 
different configuration, I compared the results of the two 
configurations and environment variables, and I could see that by 
disabling pseudo console, I could get a successful configuration:

export CYGWIN="disable_pcon"

Unfortunately, this was not the case for him, and didn't help. Also, 
this approach may have some performance impacts. So, I appreciate any 
help to resolve this problem.

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