how to get started with contribution

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Tue Jan 31 20:40:16 UTC 2023

Hi Riya,

riya patil schrieb am 31.01.2023 um 19:42:
> respected sir/madam,
> i am riya, a second year undergrad student at IGDTUW, delhi. i have just 
> started learning about open source and i am would love to start my 
> contribution from your organization .

You are welcome.

  but could do you please help me
> with getting started ?
> hoping to hear from you soon.

Our mentors will answer you tomorrow at their working time. In the 
meantime you could have a look at the section "Getting Started with 
Development" on

Perhaps start with a video?

Do you have used IRC already? You will meet most of the developers on

You should tell us, which operating system you will use and in which 
topic of LibreOffice you are interested in. And you should tell us 
whether you have experience in using LibreOffice.

Kind regards,

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