Nightly builds for 24.02 available?

Patrick Luby plubius at
Wed Jun 7 20:38:04 UTC 2023

Hi everyone,

I saw that libreoffice-7-6 branch was created so commits to master now 
post "It will be available in 24.2.0" in Bugzilla.

Does that mean that the nightly builds for the master branch are in the 
following link or does that link still build libreoffice-7-6?:

If it builds libreoffice-7-6, is that branch locked down yet (i.e. a +1 
from a reviewer is needed to merge) like lbireoffice-7-5?

I ask because I am pushing out a steady stream of fixes for crashing, 
hanging, and performance bugs on macOS I would like to get my fixes into 
the hands of bug filers for testing. Most of the type of bugs that I am 
fixing are in the 15+-year-old macOS native accessibility code and I 
have found in many cases, users have been finding new crashing, hanging, 
and/or performance bugs after each fix.


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