Week #3 Report - GSoC 2023 - Search Field in Options

Bayram Çiçek mail at bayramcicek.com.tr
Sun Jun 18 13:19:31 UTC 2023


I want to share "Search Field in Options" project report for week #3.

 > Summary

- There is a problem with accessing methods of sub-dialogs in Options 
dialog. (the reason is that the sub-dialogs don’t exist until the page 
is switched)
- We decided that strings in all .ui files (in ./cui/*) will be 
generated at build-time.
- I’ll be trying to generate the data at build-time in the following weeks.

 > Blog post about week #3 report:

 > Steps for implementing search functionality in “Tools > Options”:

1) Add Search field to “Tools > Options” dialog.    (DONE - week #1)
2) Include Options treeview into searching.    (DONE - week #1)
3) Include Sub-tree elements (child nodes) into searching. (DONE - week #2)
4) Generate all strings(labels), accessible-names, 
accessible-descriptions and tooltip-texts of all .ui files in ./cui/* 
directory, at build-time. (Next step)
5) Fetch the generated data - at run-time.
6) Include strings(labels), accessible-names, accessible-descriptions 
and tooltip-texts into searching.
7) Implement highlighting feature - if enough time remains.

Thank you.


Bayram Çiçek
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