macOS Intel nightly builds

Patrick Luby plubius at
Mon Jun 19 13:17:34 UTC 2023

Thanks for the link. It is definitely failing when my patch tries to add 
entitlements to the .app in the .dmg installer.

I've seen this error before but only on the Jenkins Intel machines. I 
never could reproduce it on my Intel machine so I'll just change the 
installer script later today to ignore any errors when setting 
entitlements and I'll check the nightly build page tomorrow morning.

The patch already ignores failures when setting entitlements on 
instdir/ so I'll just add the same "ignore codesign 
failure" logic when building the .dmg file in debug, unsigned builds only.

Interestingly, it has been working really well for me on Silicon. I've 
been able to connect the Instruments application to the Silicon nightly 
builds and do time and memory leak profiling. Strange but not surprising 
that Intel is so different.


On 6/19/23 3:34 AM, Xisco Fauli wrote:
> Hello Patrick,
> Yep, it seems your patch might be the reason why it's failing. I see 
> libreoffice-7-6 also failing since June 13, the day your patch was 
> backported ->
> You can find the build logs in 

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