Re: Configure with --enable-lto on Debian Bullseye 64bit, tailored as per Franlin's attempt

Alex taosubmarines at
Wed Jun 21 05:39:16 UTC 2023

I am installing on hardware, not in a VM/docker
Debian bullseye, 64bit
5.10 kernel
git checkout -f
( I hadn’t before!)
/ --with-distro=LibreOfficeLinux --disable-online-update  --disable-breakpad > log.autogen.txt
./configure  --enable-lto --with-package-format=deb --enable-epm --enable-release-build --enable-dbgutil --srcdir=/home/user/a --enable-option-checking=fatal --with-help=html  > log.configure-help=html-lang=el.enable-lto
 make  > log.make.debugrun.txt

After half an hour it fails
/home/user/a/workdir/CustomTarget/i18npool/localedata/localedata_ar_EG.cxx:2463:51: note: code may be misoptimized unless ‘-fno-strict-aliasing’ is used
/tmp/<artificial>:_ZZN12_GLOBAL__N_110direct_runEbPKPvPKhPiRPPN9graphite24SlotEhRNS6_2vm7Machine8status_tEPNS6_7SlotMapEE12opcode_table.lto_priv.0: error: undefined reference to '.L2106'
Franklin uses an internal libgraphite
I am not sure, yet, what I have
Apparently (unwanted) language/l10n locale data is ‘misoptimized’ interacting with graphite
Alex Tao
Tao Submarines and Systems
Chios, Aegean Sea
>Wednesday, June 21, 2023 7:07 AM +03:00 from Alex < taosubmarines at >:
>I had a completely different error related to him, but I didn’t pass the autogen --with-distro=LibreOfficeLinux command, I need to also pass--disable-online-update  --disable-breakpad
>Alex Tao
>Tao Submarines and Systems
>Chios, Aegean Sea
>>Tuesday, June 20, 2023 8:06 PM +03:00 from Alex < taosubmarines at >:
>>Hi all
>>Trying to replicate Franklin’s build process, source from the latest bundle, updated.
>>./configure  --enable-lto --with-package-format=deb --enable-epm --enable-release-build --enable-dbgutil --srcdir=/home/user/a --enable-option-checking=fatal --with-help=html  > log.configure-help=html-lang=el.enable-lto
>>I wanted to use the below config options, note language, no rpm packaging, but I am using above for now
>>./configure  --enable-lto --with-package-format=deb rpm --enable-release-build --enable-dbgutil --srcdir=/home/user/a/external/tarballs --enable-option-checking=fatal --with-help=html --with-lang=el  > log.configure-help=html-lang=el.enable-lto
>>./configure  --enable-lto --with-package-format=deb --enable-epm --enable-release-build --enable-dbgutil --srcdir=/home/user/a --enable-option-checking=fatal --with-help=html  > log.configure-help=html-lang=el.enable-lto
>>In a couple of hours I will try make, and see what happens
>>No indication of any errors though
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