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> Hi Alex,
> On Wed, Jun 28, 2023 at 5:15 PM Alex <taosubmarines at> wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> Today I try to determine how to remove two unwanted wordbook files from
>> libreoffice/extras/source/wordbook:
>> hu_AkH11.dic and sl.dic.
>> These foreign language (incomplete) dics should be removed, unless they
>> are used in some unit test.
>> Bug 139961, 68576 etc
>> Can be removed? OK?
> I'm not sure, if it's OK. We added these dictionaries for a reason. It's
> better to ask the maintainers first (I CC-ed them).
> From the technical point of view, if you remove the files from source, and
> all references to them, the build should pass. Maybe you need a clean build
> from scratch. Use "git grep sl.dic" and "git grep hu_AkH11.dic" commands,
> they are more reliable than opengrok.

You can remove hu_AkH11.dic with the following git command:

$ git revert 6247c966942a0e43320a234302a67c1f92c2eea7

 Because this was added with that commit:

$ git log libreoffice/extras/source/wordbook/hu_AkH11.dic
commit 6247c966942a0e43320a234302a67c1f92c2eea7

But these are not unwanted dictionaries, as András wrote.

In theory, they are packaged only with their language builds, sl-SI and
hu-HU. If not, i.e. en_US or other language builds get these files
unnecessarily, the only task is fixing our packaging. If the packaging
problem is related to some Linux distributions, I believe, our task is only
to report that in their bug trackers.

Is this a GSoC project? I haven't found information about the planned
improvement of the (en_US?) thesaurus or the thesaurus code base.
(By the way, I had an interesting improvement here: English stemming and
affixation during thesaurus usage by adding extra language data to the
en_US spelling dictionary. Unfortunately, by accident this was removed by
the recent maintainer.)

Best regards,

> Best regards,
> Andras
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