Stepping down from ESC & Developer certification committee

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Fri Jun 30 14:38:29 UTC 2023

Hi Kendy,

On 30/06/2023 14:27, Jan Holesovsky wrote:
> This is a very sad day for me - the next month it would be 20 years
> since I started contributing to the codebase that we call LibreOffice

	Its too sad.

	Instead of dwelling on that though; I'd like however to pay a grateful 
tribute to your contributions over those years:

	From your patience with StarDivision - coaxing them towards git  by 
building and demonstrating the tooling that made the git migration 
possible :-); creating the Qt backend for LibreOffice at SUSE; designing 
and building the foundations for many of our OpenXML filters; leading 
and managing the SUSE team; making the Collabora spin-out a success; 
laying the foundations of Online with Tor - from dialog tunnelling, to 
message queues; delivering and in cases selling so many projects to 
improve LibreOffice for everyone, to managing and mentoring and hiring 
Collabora staff and community members left & right; serving 
constructively as a founder of TDF and on many boards & in many roles; 
not to mention (now I re-count) 3500+ commits =)

> Thanks to all the people who were kind, helpful & inspiring during my
> OOo and LibreOffice journey!
	And thanks for your friendship and personal encouragement & support; 
late-night FOSDEM slide preparation, as we fought impossible odds and 
deadlines on a shoe-string budget - to keep the LibreOffice dream alive 
and relevant =)

	You'll be deeply missed & I hope over time things will change and you 
won't be able to stay away :-)

	Best wishes,


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