Crash test update

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at
Wed May 3 11:34:29 UTC 2023


On Sun, Apr 30, 2023 at 03:43:27PM +0000, crashtest <noreply at> wrote:
> 165 files have crashed during import.

Here are the import crashes I can reproduce:

PDF/UA and SDT asserts:
- forums/doc/forum-mso-de-70197.doc: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/doc/forum-mso-de-69695.doc: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/doc/forum-mso-de-70196.doc: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/doc/forum-mso-de-69714.doc: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/doc/forum-mso-de-69704.doc: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-59967.docx: oTaggedLabel assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-118466.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-en-2718.docx: oTaggedParagraph assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-76224.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-118517.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-118440.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-118507.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-de-118414.docx: "this is presumably dead code" assertion
- forums/docx/forum-mso-en-2717.docx: oTaggedParagraph assertion
- bugtrackers/docx/tdf124604-1.docx: oTaggedParagraph assertion
- bugtrackers/docx/tdf124604-3.docx: oTaggedParagraph assertion
- bugtrackers/docx/tdf124604-4.docx: oTaggedLabel assertion

This doesn't include the 2 fixes from earlier today by Michael S.

To fix, older:
- forums/docx/forum-mso-en-4208.docx: crash in sw::CalcBreaks
- forums/docx/forum-mso-en4-137999.docx: crash in SwSortedObjs::Insert
- forums/docx/forum-mso-en-9381.docx: crash in SwSortedObjs::Insert
- bugtrackers/docx/fdo45195-1.docx: crash in SwSortedObjs::Insert
- bugtrackers/docx/fdo45193-1.docx: crash in SwSortedObjs::Insert

To fix, newer:

- bugtrackers/doc/ooo9470-1.doc: split flys, I'm working on a fix.



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