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Wed May 10 18:07:04 UTC 2023

I can have an eye on it but better you file individual tickets for every label.

On 10.05.23 17:17, Olivier Hallot wrote:
> Hi folks
> The pronoun "none" used in many widgets in the UI brings extra work for 
> translators and users.
> None has a gender in many Latin languages (Aucun, Aucune) (Nenhum, nenhuma)...
> It can also mean "without" in many places.
> Often we don't know exactly what a single "none" is about (because it a 
> pronoun). For example:
> So may I ask you guys to explicit the object that is related to none (i.e. 
> replace the pronoun) ? As in "no outline level", "no function"...
> I believe a more precise UI/translation will improve user experience with 
> LibreOffice.
> Cheers!

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