GSOC '23 : Convert Writer's Java UNO API tests to C++

Dipam Turkar dipamt1729 at
Sun May 14 16:40:55 UTC 2023

Hey everyone,

I am Dipam Turkar, currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and
Engineering at IIT Mandi, India. I am thrilled to share with you that I
will be working with LibreOffice this summer on the project 'Convert
Writer's Java UNO API tests to C++' as mentioned here The project
aims to convert the UNO API tests for LibreOffice Writer which are written
in Java to C++.

The unit tests for Writer’s UNO API which were forked from OpenOffice are
still implemented in Java, which in the end test C++ code making it hard to
debug them. LibreOffice has had a long term plan to move them to C++. The
project will also focus on fixing the unit tests for errors, if any. I
intend to complete this task as my project for GSOC 2023.

Once again, it's my great pleasure to work with you on this project. I want
to thank all the mentors and admins at LibreOffice to give me this amazing

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I
look forward to working with you this summer.

Thanks and Regards
Dipam Turkar
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