[libreoffice-marketing] Development will branch off of 7.6 on Jun 5. Please communicate the next version number

Italo Vignoli italo at vignoli.org
Sat May 27 21:13:46 UTC 2023

On 26/05/23 12:46, Justin Luth wrote:

> It would be nice to have the proper next version number (after 7.6)
> ready when master branches in a few weeks, and for the new release plan.
> Has that been finalized yet? If not, can we get the decision made before
> 7.6 branches off? NOW is the appropriate time for deciding if we go to
> 7.7, or 8.0 or 24.02. (Justin)

> + my option (Justin): 24.02 is fine - good fit for regular, timed releases.

The next major release after LibreOffice 7.6 will be LibreOffice 24.2 
(February), which will be followed by LibreOffice 24.8 (August)

* Given the current level of maturity of the LibreOffice Technology 
development platform, it is increasingly difficult to provide a number 
of significant new features for each major release based on the current 
numbering scheme (while new features are key for media coverage, if we 
maintain the current numbering scheme)

* By choosing a calendar based numbering scheme, we decouple the 
expectation of significant new features from each new major release: if 
we have significant new features they will be welcomed by the media, but 
if we don't have them the media will not be disappointed (and will write 
about LibreOffice)

* We have already started to adapt our communication strategy to the new 
numbering scheme by meeting journalists independently from announcements

* At LibreOffice Conference we will provide additional information about 
the communication strategy, and how this will help increasing the update 
frequency by users (which is now rather low, apart from a very small 
percentage of users)
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