[Libva] G45 h264 decoding

Javier Achirica jachirica at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 03:14:26 PDT 2011

>On Tue, 2011-06-21 at 20:11 +0800, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm hitting a similar problem when trying out the g45-h264 branch.
>> Running at abysmal speeds and getting kernel errors.
>> What concerns me is that when I'm checking the Debian kernel source the
>> drm/i915 BSD ring patch is already applied.
>Can you reproduce this issue with any H.264 videos or only with some
>special H.264 videos?

I'm running the 2.6.39 kernel with the drm/i915 BSD ring patch and I
also have this issue with all videos I've tried.

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