[Libva] [PATCH intel-driver 00/13] VEBOX fixes for advanced deinterlacing

Antti Seppälä a.seppala at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 06:18:50 PDT 2014

On 27 August 2014 14:50, Gwenole Beauchesne <gb.devel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch series improves support for advanced deinterlacing on
> Haswell and newer generation processors that support the VEBOX
> block. The new model is more robust and allows for fallbacks to
> bob-deinterlacing if no past reference was supplied.
> There are additional areas of improvements to cover for more specific
> use cases, but this already looks better, based on initial testing.
> I also provided a denoise+IECP fix at the end, before I forget about
> it. More changes are yet to come, but that's all I have and need at
> this time for advanced deinterlacing purposes.
> Note: the series applies to the "staging" branch. Applying to "master"
> is straightforward too. A convenience repository for the latter is
> available here:
> <https://github.com/gbeauchesne/libva-intel-driver/tree/17.vpp.vebox>
> Regards,
> Gwenole Beauchesne (13):
>   vebox: silence compilation warning.
>   vebox: drop magic numbers in filters mask.
>   vebox: fix indication of field ordering in sequence.
>   vebox: fix order of submitted commands.
>   vebox: fix invalid conversion and scaling params order.
>   vebox: clean-up frame store initialization.
>   vebox: factor out initialization of pipeline parameters.
>   vebox: robustify frame store surface storage allocations.
>   vebox: factor out deinterlacing code.
>   vebox: add support for advanced deinterlacing.
>   vebox: use Y-tiling for internal VEBOX surfaces.
>   vebox: fix memory leak of VEBOX state tables.
>   vebox: fix denoising when IECP is enabled.
>  src/gen75_picture_process.c |    2 +-
>  src/gen75_vpp_vebox.c       |  844 ++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
>  src/gen75_vpp_vebox.h       |   21 +-
>  3 files changed, 440 insertions(+), 427 deletions(-)

Hi Gwenole.

What are the current plans to get this series merged into
libva-intel-driver master? I've tested the staging branch and it
solved numerous issues in vpp surface handling I've had serious
headaches with before.

Tested-by: Antti Seppälä <a.seppala at gmail.com>


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