[LightDM] screwed up $PATH (emergency)

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 00:12:38 PDT 2011

Could you please open an issue about this on
https://launchpad.net/lightdm?  In particular what OS you are using
and attaching the logs from /var/log/lightdm.

LightDM uses a default PATH /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin which is
overridden by PAM if it is configured that way (it is in Ubuntu).


On 26 August 2011 16:47, kraxadmin <kraxadmin at gmail.com> wrote:
> while ago, all of a sudden my $PATH was totally hammered and I didn't know
> why? but the signs were ifconfig reboot halt and common command in terminal
> returned the same error "command not found". I was without clue as what
> effect the $PATH. while all of the common places which PATH could be defined
> were normal and nothing to dictate the new $PATH.My consult in IRC led
> nowhere and everybody ignored me there.
> at the end i re-install the arch again but now I have the same problem all
> over again. now I checked and recheck but all the same. but while I checked
> deeper i found that in TTY all thing are normal for example the reboot will
> restart and Ifconfig will report back.
> and the problem was I installed LightDM in both cases
> and after that my $PATH was gone.
> HOW could I fix the $PATH???
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