[LightDM] Lightdm for DE/WM other than gnome

kraxadmin kraxadmin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 02:36:32 PDT 2011

I want to say abut what I see.
The Display manager should be desktop DE and WM independent also the same
goes for linux distro.
as you surly agree, for instance Openbox is fully appropriated among linux
users and at this moment there is growing interest in matter of tilling
Windows managers.
So if lightdm wants to become the replacement of GDM , it is
surly agreeable to add support for such.
I refer to $PATH problem and mouse problem again in this matter.
at the end if it is not in the interest this project or its developers,
inform the public which is ubuntu and gnome dependent and not for anything
and as such the distros remove it from the appropriate repositories of their
own .
This lack of information and mystery cost a lot of attempt and pain as I
must say. me myself install and reinstall more than couple of times my arch
and not aware that lightdm changes default system-wide $PATH. as everybody
knows not all the linux distros share the ubuntu system topology. and the
great gap fall upon BSD-based linux distros such as gentoo and arch and
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