[LightDM] Version 1.1.0 released (unstable)

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 19:45:56 PDT 2011

This first unstable 1.1.0 release has been made, which will work
towards a 1.2.0 stable release in six months.  This release contains
the fixes from the stable branch and some deprecations.  It is
recommended to stick with the 1.0.x series for now, this is mostly
being released before the NEWS file gets too large to read.

Overview of changes in lightdm 1.1.0

    * Remove GetSeatForCookie and GetSessionForCookie D-Bus methods
    * Switching to a user without a password bypasses the greeter
    * Use LD_PRELOAD to intercept system calls for testing
    * Removed the --passwd-file option as not required for testing anymore
    * Rename test-xserver to X and remove --xserver-command option
    * Make a test session wrapper and remove --session-wrapper option
    * Remove unused --user-session, --greeter-session, --minimum-vt,
      --minimum-display-number options
    * Use 'default' as the default greeter (make a symlink)
    * GTK greeter now initializes i18n
    * GTK greeter now remembers last user
    * Start authentication for automtically selected user in GTK greeter
    * Don't resize GTK greeter on each click
    * Start authentication when scrolling through GTK greeter entries
    * Link liblightdm-qt against QtGui
    * Fix liblightdm-qt crashing when face images are installed
    * Set correct permissions on session log files
    * Introduce a lightdm-guest-session-wrapper session command which MAC
      systems like AppArmor and SELinux can use for attaching a restrictive
      policy to guest sessions.
    * Provide an AppArmor profile for guest session lockdown.
    * Fix daemon from blocking if Accounts Service does not exist
    * Fix greeter log file not being written
    * Don't set LANG environment variable if using Accounts Service.
    * Fix gdmflexiserver not working due to it not being in PATH
    * Don't authenticate the greeter user
    * Allow greeters to be disabled in configure flags
    * Fix over allocation of read buffer in greeter protocol
    * Make sure objects are cleaned up on exit
    * Fix minor memory leaks
    * Fix reference counting issue in ConsoleKit code
    * Fix --enable-gtk-greeter=yes not working

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