[LightDM] How to Remove Username

Russ Mannex russ at mannex.com
Mon Oct 17 05:12:53 PDT 2011

Thanks. I added my login id to the hidden users, but it still defaults
there. Any other ideas?

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On 10/17/2011 01:14 AM, Russ Mannex wrote:
> Hello, all. I'd like to know how to remove the display of usernames in
> LightDM login. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and I don't want to display any
> login names


You have some tips.
BTW, I dont really know if this file was installed for older releases 
and if it's read.

Just try, reboot, and see if changes are OK.
If they are not, it might be a useless file not removed by my package 

> (for security reasons).

Are your users using login == pass?

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