[LightDM] Version 1.1.1 released

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 23:00:42 PST 2012

The second release in the unstable 1.1 series is now available from
https://launchpad.net/lightdm/+download.  Sorry for the slow release,
I'd like to get back to making more frequent releases.

Overview of changes in lightdm 1.1.1

    * Add a --disable-tests option
    * Add note to AUTHORS file where to find author list
    * Update build system to find moc/uic
    * Fix non-distributed tests/src/lightdm-session
    * Fix X sessions with arguments in Exec not working
    * Use previous session for automatic login or if greeter does not request
    * Set default resolution of VNC to 1024x768, add settings for width, height,
      depth into lightdm.conf.
    * AppArmor profile: Fix broken gnome-keyring and dbus/gwibber, and quiesce
      annoying kernel audit messages for privileges that we definitively do not
      want to grant.
    * Set LOGNAME environment variable
    * Don't set USERNAME environment variable - this is not specified in POSIX,
      please report if this causes any major problems.
    * Drop privileges when reading ~/.dmrc
    * Move the GTK+ and Qt greeters into their own projects
    * Fix crash when quitting with newer GLib
    * Fix crash calling lightdm_get_layout
    * Support for reading users' backgrounds from Accounts Service
    * Fix --debug working with new glib
    * Support PAM requesting a change of password
    * Update build system to work with automake 1.11.2
    * Run tests inside their own system D-Bus, simulating ConsoleKit and
    * Add regression test for users that have their home directory created after
    * Move lightdm-guest-session from libexec to pkglibexec directory

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