[LightDM] New multi-seat behaviour

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 22:15:10 PDT 2014

With LightDM 1.11.7 we have new behaviour for multi-seat configuration.
Thanks to the great work of Laércio de Sousa LightDM now starts seats as
defined by logind. I have taken the decision to deprecate the old manual
method of specifying seats as I think it is confusing to have two systems
trying to define what seats exist.

What this means to users of LightDM 1.12 onwards:

* LightDM will continue to work without logind installed. In this case it
will just start a single seat ("seat0").

* If logind has more than one seat defined then lightdm will attempt to
automatically start these seats.

* If you were previously defining seats in the LightDM configuration like
# ...
# ...
These seats will not be started and this configuration will be ignored.
Please set your system so that logind reports the seats as you had them
defined (it might do this automatically). If you need to set any per-seat
LightDM configuration then you can set the sections [Seat:(seat name)]
where (seat name) is the XDG seat name as reported by logind. The xdg-seat
property is no longer supported. e.g.
The AddSeat() D-Bus method now has no action. Logind has methods to
dynamically add/remove seats.

* If you need to do a multi-seat setup and you are not running logind
please shout out. The proposed solution will be to add
/etc/lightdm/seats.conf that is a fallback in the same way that
/etc/lightdm/users.conf is a fallback if AccountsService is not available.
If there's no demand we wont bother adding it.

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