[LightDM] lightdm 1.28.0 released

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 02:32:30 UTC 2018

This is the first release in the stable 1.28 series. This series will be
maintained on the lightdm-1-28 branch and master will now be used for the
unstable 1.29 series.

Those users interested in new features are encouraged to update to lightdm
1.28 or remain on 1.26 which will be supported for longer. 1.28 will be
supported until April 2019 (nine months from now), the other release series
will expire on:
1.10 - April 2019
1.18 - April 2021
1.26 - July 2023

Overview of changes in lightdm 1.28.0

    * Continue to shutdown session is removing X authority fails
    * Set XDG_SEAT env variable in script hooks
    * Fix small leak in XDMCP server
    * liblightdm-qt: mark class PowerInterface as exported
    * Fix one qt5 test being run instead of a qt4 one
    * Remove use of deprecated g_type_class_add_private
    * Modernize private data in objects
    * Document XDG_SEAT_PATH in man page
    * Fix install failing if link already exists
    * Remove bashisms in configure.ac

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