[Mesa-announce] Mesa 9.2.5

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Dec 12 23:02:07 PST 2013

Mesa 9.2.5 has been released. Mesa 9.2.5 is a bug fix release which
fixes bugs fixed since the 9.2.4 release, (see below for a list of

The tag in the git repository for Mesa 9.2.5 is 'mesa-9.2.5'.

Mesa 9.2.5 is available for download at


9fb4de29ca1d9cfd03cbdefa123ba336  MesaLib-9.2.5.tar.bz2
1146c7c332767174f3de782b88d8e8ca  MesaLib-9.2.5.tar.gz
a9a6c46dac7ea26fd272bf14894d95f3  MesaLib-9.2.5.zip

I have verified building from the .tar.bz2 file by doing:

tar xjf MesaLib-9.2.5.tar.bz2
cd Mesa-9.2.5
./configure --enable-gallium-llvm --with-llvm-shared-libs
make -j6
make install

I have also verified that I pushed the tag.

Note that this is the last planned release in the 9.2 series. With the
simultaneous release of 10.0.1, future stable-branch maintenance for
Mesa will focus on the 10.0 series with one bug-fix release planned
every two weeks.


Changes from 9.2.4 to 9.2.5:

Chad Versace (2):
      i965/hsw: Apply non-msrt fast color clear w/a to all HSW GTs
      i965: Add extra-alignment for non-msrt fast color clear for all hw (v2)

Chris Forbes (4):
      i965: Gen4-5: Don't enable hardware alpha test with MRT
      i965: Gen4-5: Include alpha func/ref in program key
      i965/fs: Gen4-5: Setup discard masks for MRT alpha test
      i965/fs: Gen4-5: Implement alpha test in shader for MRT

Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (1):
      st/xorg: Handle new DamageUnregister API which has only one argument

Dave Airlie (3):
      mesa/swrast: fix inverted front buffer rendering with old-school swrast
      glx: don't fail out when no configs if we have visuals
      swrast: fix readback regression since inversion fix

Ian Romanick (1):
      glsl: Don't emit empty declaration warning for a struct specifier

Ilia Mirkin (4):
      nv50: Fix GPU_READING/WRITING bit removal
      nouveau: avoid leaking fences while waiting
      nv50: wait on the buf's fence before sticking it into pushbuf
      nv50: report 15 max inputs for fragment programs

Tom Stellard (2):
      r300/compiler/tests: Fix segfault
      r300/compiler/tests: Fix line length check in test parser

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