[Mesa-announce] Mesa 11.1.0 release candidate 3

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 06:05:09 PST 2015

The third release candidate for Mesa 11.1.0 is now available.

Connor Abbott (1):
      i965: fix 64-bit immediates in brw_inst(_set)_bits

Dave Airlie (5):
      r600: geometry shader gsvs itemsize workaround
      r600: rv670 use at least 16es/gs threads
      r600: workaround empty geom shader.
      r600: do SQ flush ES ring rolling workaround
      r600: SMX returns CONTEXT_DONE early workaround

Emil Velikov (11):
      cherry-ignore: ignore unneeded header update
      mesa: remove len argument from _mesa_shader_debug()
      glapi: add GetPointervKHR to the ES dispatch
      mesa: do not enable KHR_debug for ES 1.0
      mesa: rename GroupStackDepth to CurrentGroup
      mesa: return the correct value for GroupStackDepth
      mesa: add SEVERITY_NOTIFICATION to default state
      mesa: accept TYPE_PUSH/POP_GROUP with glDebugMessageInsert
      mesa: errors: validate the length of null terminated string
      mesa: rework the meaning of gl_debug_message::length
      Update version to 11.1.0-rc3

Ilia Mirkin (7):
      nvc0/ir: fold postfactor into immediate
      nv50/ir: deal with loops with no breaks
      nv50/ir: the mad source might not have a defining instruction
      nv50/ir: fix instruction permutation logic
      nv50/ir: don't forget to mark flagsDef on cvt in txb lowering
      nv50/ir: fix DCE to not generate 96-bit loads
      nv50/ir: avoid looking at uninitialized srcMods entries

Jonathan Gray (1):
      automake: fix some occurrences of hardcoded -ldl and -lpthread

Julien Isorce (1):
      vl/buffers: fixes vl_video_buffer_formats for RGBX

Marek Olšák (1):
      radeonsi: fix Fiji for LLVM <= 3.7

Michel Dänzer (1):
      radeon/llvm: Use llvm.AMDIL.exp intrinsic again for now

Nanley Chery (1):
      mesa/version: Update gl_extensions::Version during version override

Roland Scheidegger (1):

Tapani Pälli (1):
      i965: use _Shader to get fragment program when updating surface state

Tom Stellard (1):
      clover: Handle NULL devices returned by pipe_loader_probe() v2

git tag: mesa-11.1.0-rc3

MD5: a3d5b03b20b2430fcaf177911d832532  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.gz
SHA1: bdc35623f8ee8924472ed2bf138b5df9133678b9  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.gz
SHA256: b06cab8ab71672fe91216bd4eaffee5a72035ade9e8670d2685ff9fce5a0e254  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.gz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.1.0/mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.gz.sig

MD5: a719111cb863c5e47ddc672b50a1f48c  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.xz
SHA1: c2d4adcb7aeb9dbd7ef62f6aba99cdd3784fe8be  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.xz
SHA256: 4356f7d749ae7bfe8bbea2667435afb03e1262aed17858941c6b606e063c3ead  mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.xz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.1.0/mesa-11.1.0-rc3.tar.xz.sig


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