[Mesa-announce] Mesa 10.6.1

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 02:44:16 PDT 2015

Mesa 10.6.1 is now available.

This release includes core mesa and glsl patches (amonst which
a Dota2 Reborn bugfix) affecting all dri drivers, nouveau specific
fixes and a selection of shared-glapi commits - from build fixes, to
ones ensuring that the dri modules can be loaded.

Anuj Phogat (4):
      mesa: Handle integer formats in need_rgb_to_luminance_conversion()
      mesa: Use helper function need_rgb_to_luminance_conversion()
      mesa: Turn need_rgb_to_luminance_conversion() in to a global function
      meta: Abort meta path if ReadPixels need rgb to luminance conversion

Ben Widawsky (1):
      i965/gen9: Implement Push Constant Buffer workaround

Boyan Ding (2):
      egl/x11: Set version of swrastLoader to 2
      egl/x11: Remove duplicate call to dri2_x11_add_configs_for_visuals

Emil Velikov (7):
      docs: Add sha256sums for the 10.6.0 release
      configure: warn about shared_glapi & xlib-glx only when both are set
      configure: error out when building backend-less libEGL
      configure: error out when building libEGL without shared-glapi
      gbm: do not (over)link against libglapi.so
      Update version to 10.6.1
      Add release notes for the 10.6.1 release

Frank Henigman (1):
      gbm: dlopen libglapi so gbm_create_device works

Ilia Mirkin (9):
      nvc0/ir: fix collection of first uses for texture barrier insertion
      nv50,nvc0: clamp uniform size to 64k
      nvc0/ir: can't have a join on a load with an indirect source
      glsl: handle conversions to double when comparing param matches
      glsl: add version checks to conditionals for builtin variable enablement
      mesa: add GL_PROGRAM_PIPELINE support in KHR_debug calls
      glsl: binding point is a texture unit, which is a combined space
      nvc0: always put all tfb bufs into bufctx
      nv50,nvc0: make sure to pushbuf_refn before putting bo into pushbuf_data

git tag: mesa-10.6.1

MD5: 95e8064f8a335ae07fc6619023960331  mesa-10.6.1.tar.gz
SHA1: 00b0b142c83f5d3d6b37cff8c6d8f7eaffb6d56c  mesa-10.6.1.tar.gz
SHA256: b4cccd4d0eabcc2bca00c3175d3ad88fdda57ffdb883a7998525b873a21fe607  mesa-10.6.1.tar.gz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/10.6.1/mesa-10.6.1.tar.gz.sig

MD5: 4f5293b26f8f7d585063832625277c90  mesa-10.6.1.tar.xz
SHA1: 3c36021388955a46333ccd80650cc2dce330476c  mesa-10.6.1.tar.xz
SHA256: 6c80a2b647e57c85dc36e609d9aed17f878f0d8e0cf9ace86d14cf604101e1eb  mesa-10.6.1.tar.xz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/10.6.1/mesa-10.6.1.tar.xz.sig


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