[Mesa-announce] Mesa 17.1.9 release candidate

Andres Gomez agomez at igalia.com
Wed Sep 6 21:11:12 UTC 2017

Hello list,

The candidate for the Mesa 17.1.9 is now available. Currently we have:
 - 27 queued
 - 0 nominated (outstanding)
 - and 3 rejected patches

In the current queue we have:

In Mesa Core we include a fix for a rendering problem detected while
using GoogleEarth with the VMware driver.

The state tracker received a couples of patches, one for handling
properly the vertex array double inputs and another for a redundant
initialization of the view template in the PBO downloads for ReadPixels

The GLSL compiler has received a fix for the counting of vertex shader
output slots.

The SPIR-V compiler has seen a fix for properly handling the
HelperInvocation builtin.

Intel's anv has solved some possible crashes by better dealing with
unknown VkFormat enums.

The etnaviv driver has also received some care.

AMD's radv has received several patches, including a couple of fixes
for improperly triggered asserts and another one for initializing the
usage flags in the command buffer.

Nouveau's nvc0 driver now performs a previously missing initialization
when querying HW statistics.

Gallivm has seen corrected a problem with big endian architectures when
handling the color channels of a texture. Similarly, the llvmpipe
driver also got a fix for big endian architectures.

EGL has also received some fixes in the memory management avoiding
improper dereferences and plugging leaks, including some in the Wayland

>From build and integration point of view, we have improved the
detection of xlocale.h availability to allow newer builds with Glibc
2.26 or later to still make use of the locale-setting.

Take a look at section "Mesa stable queue" for more information.

Testing reports/general approval

Any testing reports (or general approval of the state of the branch)
will be greatly appreciated.

The plan is to have 17.1.9 next Friday (8th of September), around or
shortly after 21:00 GMT.

If you have any questions or suggestions - be that about the current
patch queue or otherwise, please go ahead.

Trivial merge conflicts

Author: Michael Olbrich <m.olbrich at pengutronix.de>

    egl/dri2: only destroy created objects

    (cherry picked from commit 81d5c31631840db704337489cf677cc596da79f5)

commit 018e602dc629dfbda52b5c7711b5867d72ce33c8
Author: Charmaine Lee <charmainel at vmware.com>

    vbo: fix offset in minmax cache key
    (cherry picked from commit 2d93b462b4d978b0da417b35a7470e336bc4e783)

commit eb5eb5b26d3dffdbfac9c12a9113a16859a7f0c0
Author: Jason Ekstrand <jason at jlekstrand.net>

    spirv: Add support for the HelperInvocation builtin
    (cherry picked from commit e439908af9665b50443f1196cb55388c69d0c7d7)


Mesa stable queue

Nominated (0)

Queued (27)

Andres Gomez (7):
      docs: add sha256 checksums for 17.1.8
      cherry-ignore: added 17.2 nominations.
      cherry-ignore: add "nir: Fix system_value_from_intrinsic for subgroups"
      cherry-ignore: add "i965: Fix crash in fallback GTT mapping."
      cherry-ignore: add "radeonsi/gfx9: always flush DB metadata on framebuffer changes"
      cherry-ignore: add "radv: Fix vkCopyImage with both depth and stencil aspects."
      cherry-ignore: add "radeonsi/gfx9: proper workaround for LS/HS VGPR initialization bug"

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (3):
      radv: Fix off by one in MAX_VBS assert.
      radv: Fix sparse BO mapping merging.
      radv: Actually set the cmd_buffer usage_flags.

Ben Crocker (1):
      llvmpipe: lp_build_gather_elem_vec BE fix for 3x16 load

Charmaine Lee (1):
      vbo: fix offset in minmax cache key

Christian Gmeiner (1):
      etnaviv: use correct param for etna_compatible_rs_format(..)

Emil Velikov (3):
      egl: don't NULL deref the .get_capabilities function pointer
      egl/wayland: plug leaks in dri2_wl_create_window_surface() error path
      egl/wayland: polish object teardown in dri2_wl_destroy_surface

Eric Engestrom (1):
      util: improve compiler guard

Grazvydas Ignotas (2):
      radv: clear dynamic_shader_stages on create
      radv: don't assert on empty hash table

Ilia Mirkin (2):
      glsl: fix counting of vertex shader output slots used by explicit vars
      st/mesa: fix handling of vertex array double inputs

Jason Ekstrand (2):
      anv/formats: Nicely handle unknown VkFormat enums
      spirv: Add support for the HelperInvocation builtin

Karol Herbst (1):
      nvc0: write 0 to pipeline_statistics.cs_invocations

Michael Olbrich (1):
      egl/dri2: only destroy created objects

Ray Strode (1):
      gallivm: correct channel shift logic on big endian

Roland Scheidegger (1):
      st/mesa: fix view template initialization in try_pbo_readpixels

Rejected (3)

Jason Ekstrand (1):
      nir: Fix system_value_from_intrinsic for

Depends on earlier commit 43ef75b394f which did not land in branch.

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      i965: Fix crash in fallback GTT mapping.

Depends on earlier commit f37ede40bad which did not land in branch.

Nicolai Hähnle (1):
      radeonsi/gfx9: always flush DB metadata on framebuffer changes

Depends on earlier commit 5b62eb237c52 which did not land in branch.

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