[Mesa-announce] [ANNOUNCE] mesa-demos 8.5.0

Erik Faye-Lund erik.faye-lund at collabora.com
Mon May 30 15:07:36 UTC 2022

There's been over four years since the last release, so here's mesa-demos
v8.5.0. The most significant change is the change from Autotools / CMake
build systems to Meson. In addition, there a lot of other changes.

See below for details.


Adam Jackson (3):
      auxbuffer: Don't override $DISPLAY from the environment
      eglinfo: Add support for EGL_MESA_query_driver
      glxgears: Make the swap interval configurable

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Update URLs to reflect migration to gitlab

Brian Paul (4):
      glxinfo/wglinfo: remove print_shader_limits() code
      glxinfo/wglinfo: fix VP/FP strings, indentation
      glxinfo/wglinfo: print (110) instead of empty line
      glxinfo/wglinfo: improve GL_ARB_imaging query code

Christian GMEINER (1):
      fix -Wunused-variable compile warings

Christian Gmeiner (1):
      fix -Wunused-const-variable compile warnings

Dave Airlie (1):
      glad: regenerate glad files from glad upstream

Eric Engestrom (1):
      gitlab-ci: add cmake & autotools builds

Erik Faye-Lund (128):
      wglgears: do not include unistd.h on MSVC
      wglgears: change window-title
      wglgears: make usage and error-handling similar to glxgears
      wglgears: respect x and y arguments to make_window
      wglgears: add geometry option
      wglgears: mark application as dpi-aware
      wglgears: set whole process as dpi-aware
      wglgears: drop random printf in sRGB code-path
      wglgears: implement support for multi-sampling
      wglgears: fix rotation speed to 70 degrees per second
      wglgears: remove unused variable
      wglgears: match usage format more closely to glxgears
      wglgears: omit paranoid error-checking
      wglgears: exit with error-code on error
      wglgears: do not re-create window after re-creating context
      wglgears: error properly when no pixel-format is found
      wglgears: implement animate-state
      wglgears: implemenmt wgl-extension helper
      wglgears: check what the current vsync setting is
      wglgears: add support for -fullscreen switch
      Revert "wglgears: do not re-create window after re-creating context"
      wglgears: respect x and y positions
      wglgears: destroy old window when recreating
      glxgears: add sRGB mode support
      glxgears / wglgears: adjust colors for sRGB
      wglgears: match glxgears formatting
      wglgears: style-fixup
      wglgears: show stereo-option in usage
      wglgears: add srgb-mode to usage
      Revert "wglgears: show stereo-option in usage"
      egl: match geometry position of glxgears
      egl: match lighting of wglgears
      egl: use smooth normals for inner face
      egl: pack all strips per gear into a single draw
      eglut_wayland: only mark opaque region if no alpha
      egl: do not modulate alpha with light
      remove slang tests
      remove rbug-client
      include windows.h in gl_wrap.h
      cmake: do not force inclusion of windows.h
      remove openvg support
      gitlab-ci: make sure we have the packages we need
      gitlab-ci: switch to freedesktop/ci-templates
      gitlab-ci: move to debian bullseye
      cmake: make glut a soft dependency
      tests: remove getprocaddress test
      eglut_wayland: give error when wl-shell is not supported
      remove stale makefile
      cmake: move GLAPIENTRY definition to wrapper-headers
      eglut_wayland: set opaque region every frame
      cmake: fix out-of-tree build
      gitlab-ci: bump ci-tag
      glut_wrapper: fix macos glut/glad compatibility
      pbutil: dynamically load GLX extension functions
      progs/fp: avoid undefined result in scs-test
      cmake: set gl-preference to legacy
      cmake: bump minimum version
      wgl: remove stray semicolon
      es2tri.c: remove write-only variable
      bindtex.c: remove write-only variable
      xeglgears.c: remove write-only variable
      msaa.c: remove write-only variable
      pbuffer.c: remove write-only variable
      render_tex.c: remove write-only variable
      two_win.c: remove write-only variable
      yuvrect_client.c: fixup indent
      yuvrect_client.c: remove write-only variables
      blendeq.c: remove write-only variable
      shtest.c: remove write-only variable
      objview.c: remove write-only variable
      auxbuffer.c: remove write-only variable
      olympic.c: remove write-only variables
      dinoshade.c: cast glu tess callbacks
      tessdemo.c: fixup indent
      tessdemo.c: cast glu tess callbacks
      quadric.c: cast glu quadric callbacks
      surfpoints.c: cast glu nurbs callbacks
      tess.c: cast glu tess callbacks
      tesswind.c: cast glu tess callbacks
      trim.c: cast glu nurbs callbacks
      nurb.c: cast glu nurbs callbacks
      quad.c: cast glu quadric callbacks
      es1_info.c: remove excessive argument to printf
      opengles1/tri.c: remove unused variable
      sphere.c: remove unused function
      glslstateschange.c: fix constness of pointers
      es2tri.c: remove unused variable
      texaaline.c: clean up reused calculations
      pbuffer.c: make sure vertex-arrays are initialized
      render_tex.c: make sure vertex-arrays are initialized
      opengles1/torus.c: make sure vertex-arrays are initialized
      xeglgears.c: cast through uintptr_t
      eglfbdev.c: cast through uintptr_t
      shaderutil.c: cast glShaderSourceARB to correct signature
      msctest.c: use PRId64 instead of lld
      msctest.c: drop unused argument parsing
      omlsync.c: remove unused verbose flag
      samples/tkmap.c: mark functions as inline
      do not enable -Wbad-function-cast
      eglkms.c: add missing initialization of ret
      eglkms.c: initialize connector and encoder
      samplers.c: show compiler limit on integer
      glsync.c: do not invoke undefined behavior on integer overflow
      texobjshare.c: remove hard-coded variable
      osdemos: ifdef-out unused materials
      osdemos: ifdef-out unused functions
      es2tri.c: fix assertion
      gitlab-ci: rename mingw glut-lib
      gitlab-ci: move glut to /tmp
      gitlab-ci: refactor mingw-build
      add a meson build system
      index.html: document how to build using meson
      gitlab-ci: build with meson
      configure.ac: mark autotools and cmake as deprecated
      eglut_wayland: do not use frame-listener
      meson: fix separate build of x11 and wayland egl demos
      meson: make glut optional
      gitlab-ci: add osmesa dev package
      gitlab-ci: enable all auto-features on linux
      autotools: add glad-headers to distribution
      autotools: add missing windows-sources
      autotools: fix distcheck after deprecation
      autotools: distribute documentation
      autotools: distribute meson build-files
      convert index.html to README.rst
      meson: disable gl-deprecation warnings
      xdemos: fix bulding of pbutil
      bump version to 8.5.0 for release

Ethan Hsieh (1):
      opengles1/opengles2: Exit cleanly by releasing all EGL resources on termination

Jan Beich (1):
      glxgears / wglgears: avoid C99 "for" without explicit -std=

Jordan Justen (1):
      mesa-demos: NOTE! Default branch is now main

Jose Fonseca (7):
      cmake: Warn that MSVC is unmaintained.
      cmake: Build glslstateschange too.
      wgl/rtotex: Remove.
      wgl: Prevent GL usage before wglMakeCurrent.
      glad: Initial import.
      Use glad instead of GLEW.
      gitlab-ci: Add MinGW build job.

Kevin Locke (9):
      Distribute glad/README.md, not nonexistent README
      CMake: Build eglinfo and peglgears
      Add .editorconfig shared editor configuration
      egl/opengl: remove duplicate LDFLAGS
      cmake: build Wayland binaries
      eglut_wayland: exit event loop on POLLNVAL
      eglut_wayland: destroy surface and compositor
      eglut_wayland: switch from wl_shell to xdg_shell
      eglut_wayland: add xdg_toplevel listener

Martin Roukala (né Peres) (1):
      glxinfo: show the swap method when listing visuals

Mathias Fröhlich (1):
      eglinfo: Extend for EGL_EXT_platform_device.

Matwey V. Kornilov (1):
      eglinfo: Add support for surfaceless EGL platform

Patrik Plihal (1):
      trispd: fix double formatting in output

Witold Baryluk (1):
      gltestperf: Don't overflow int, use float as intended

Yann Dirson (2):
      egltri: don't abort if unused glMapBufferOES is not available (fixes #21).
      es[12]_info.c: query GL_VENDOR and GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION as well

Yurii Kolesnykov (1):
      fix texdown on macOS

git tag: mesa-demos-8.5.0

SHA256: cea2df0a80f09a30f635c4eb1a672bf90c5ddee0b8e77f4d70041668ef71aac1  mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.bz2
SHA512: df6a7f09638ca389d6e8bc569e599dcc59c9aa280bcfb95976d83e5cd3edfe74bb3a31f0953956dc16faa540ee5b09990e3377e1341d836fc527e50ace6e60b8  mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.bz2
PGP: https://archive.mesa3d.org/demos/8.5.0/mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.bz2.sig

SHA256: 2472818cea452a34229d03084e7c81f94267d14a39c5287379de0fb1dc02caab  mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.gz
SHA512: f5da35fca9af1f9e1933d7fbd5c0899e494f30573faf3b3c1db5b1ff9e65d057dda5fcb4862c6fe65c3daf70063a778bea09b98a1e0561cfa84818be6a8712c2  mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.gz
PGP: https://archive.mesa3d.org/demos/8.5.0/mesa-demos-8.5.0.tar.gz.sig

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