[Mesa-announce] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 22.2.0

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Wed Sep 21 16:30:56 UTC 2022

Hi list!

After a long delay, several regressions, several bad picks by me that
required bisect, one very nasty cold, and a lot of grumbling, I present
mesa 22.2.0! 

There's a lot here, including some important fixes for nv50 with nouveau
and ttn. In case you're wondering, yes the release was ready yesterday,
but due to said nasty cold, the announcement and docs were uploaded



Alyssa Rosenzweig (9):
      panfrost: Don't segfault on unknown models
      pan/bi: Don't reorder image loads across stores
      pan/bi: Don't allow ATEST to take a temporary
      pan/mdg: Print 3 sources for CSEL
      pan/bi: Fix dual texturing with uniforms
      pan/bi: Fix out-of-bounds write in va_lower_split_64bit
      pan/bi: Consider all dests in helper_block_update
      agx: Fix float copyprop of neg(neg) case
      panfrost: Respect buffer offset for OpenCL

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (3):
      vulkan/wsi: Take max extent into consideration for modifier selection.
      amd/common: Don't rely on DCN support checks with modifiers.
      amd/common: Disable DCC retile modifiers on RDNA1

Charmaine Lee (2):
      svga: support TGSI_SEMANTIC_TEXCOORD in swtnl draw context
      svga: fix invalid component access of domain location

Chia-I Wu (2):
      turnip: lower the queue priority to 1
      ir3: fix predicate splitting in scheduler

Connor Abbott (4):
      ir3/spill: Fix extracting from a vector at the end of a block
      tu/lrz: Fix multiple subpass case with secondaries
      tu/lrz: Fix multiple depth attachment case with secondaries
      tu: Don't preload variable-count descriptors

Danylo Piliaiev (3):
      tu: Disable LRZ write when alpha-to-coverage is enabled
      freedreno: Disable LRZ write when alpha-to-coverage is enabled
      ir3: Prevent reordering movmsk with kill

Dave Airlie (2):
      nir_to_tgsi_info: drop const_buffers_declared
      llvmpipe: finish rendering before flushing frontbuffer resources.

Dylan Baker (5):
      .pick_status.json: Update to 0c6fbfca0c91ef012e8ab767a317c07f1f6dc5e6
      .pick_status.json: Update to 8eac45b27446cd9b9eaeb147af97fff1e09832cb
      .pick_status.json: Update to baf24dea943202b3a92cad0c9f9648597040955a
      .pick_status.json: Update to 3d4c36a3bcc51ed441b2667d92291bea30ef7449
      VERSION: update to 22.2.0

Emma Anholt (1):
      spirv: Mark phis as mediump instead of directly lowering them to 16 bit.

Eric Engestrom (3):
      wsi/x11: fix memleak in wsi_x11_connection_create()
      meson: replace manual compiler flags with meson arguments
      broadcom: fix dependencies in static_library() calls

Erik Faye-Lund (5):
      zink: type_main -> type_void_func
      zink: add spirv_builder_function_call
      zink: wrap discard in a function
      zink: clamp miplodbias when creating sampler
      docs/zink: document rgtc requirement

Georg Lehmann (1):
      aco: Force tex operand to have the correct sub dword size before packing.

Gert Wollny (16):
      r600/sfn: Schedule shift instruction on R600 in t-slot
      r600/sfn: Add GS thread fix just like the TGSI code path
      r600/sfn: Sort FS inputs to make interpolated values come first
      r600/sfn: Fix color outputs when color0 writes all
      r600: Force NOPs when loading AR on R600 class hardware
      r600/sfn: Handle R600 scratch read
      r600: Don't use SB with R600 style scratch reads
      r600/sfn: Handle color0 writes all on R700 like on EG
      r600/sfn: Don't tag mem-ring and stream instructions as exports
      r600/sfn: Don't schedule GDS instructions early
      r600/sfn: Don't scan the whole block for ready instructions
      r600/sfn: Use a heuristic to keep SSBO setup and store close
      r600: Fix reporting TGSI IR support
      r600/sfn: Use a low number for unused target register
      virgl: when reading back wait first, then do the transfer
      r600/sfn: override register ID when it doesn't matter

Glenn Kennard (1):
      nv30: Fix non-scissored clears after a scissor has been set

Ian Romanick (3):
      nir: spirv: Allow 32-bit version of nir_intrinsic_is_sparse_texels_resident
      radeonsi: r600: d3d12: st: Use NIR lowering for tg4 offset arrays instead of GLSL lowering
      glsl: Remove lower_offset_arrays pass

Ikshwaku Chauhan (1):
      Revert "radeon: add EFC support to only VCN2.0 devices"

Iván Briano (1):
      anv: pipelineStageCreationFeedbackCount is allowed to be 0

James Zhu (1):
      amd/common: some ASICs with gfx9 use compute rings for render

Jason Ekstrand (2):
      radv: Use both aspects for depth/stencil blit destinations
      vulkan: Dirty VP_VIEWPORTS/SCISSORS when copying viewports/scissors

Jesse Natalie (2):
      microsoft/compiler: Discard shouldn't be marked readnone
      microsoft/compiler: Fix PSV struct when numthreads is 0

Jordan Justen (7):
      iris: Drop extra file-descriptor dup in iris_drm_screen_create()
      intel/pci_ids: Update ADL-S strings
      intel/pci_ids: Add 0x468b ADL-S PCI-id
      intel/pci_ids: Update ATS-M device names
      intel/pci_ids: Update DG2 device names
      intel/pci_ids: Add dg2 0x5698 pci-id
      intel/pci_ids: Drop non-upstream dg2 pci-ids

Juan A. Suarez Romero (1):
      vc4: store tex sampler in proper register

Karol Herbst (4):
      nouveau: use the contexts pushbuf and client where possible
      nouveau/mm: make code thread safe
      nv50/ir: fix OP_UNION resolving when used for vector values
      nv50: properly flush the TSC cache on 3D

Kenneth Graunke (4):
      iris: Fix PIPE_CAP_UMA
      iris: Use linear for exported resources if we can't convey tiling
      iris: Delete unused iris_screen::aperture_bytes field
      crocus: Fix memory leaks on iris_resource_create failure paths

Lionel Landwerlin (6):
      anv: fix GetPipelineExecutableStatistics for ray tracing pipelines
      anv: fixup assertions on lowered storage formats
      anv: fix assert in memory budget code when extension is not supported
      intel/fs: fix load_scratch intrinsic
      intel/fs: fixup scratch load/store handling on Gfx12.5+
      intel/fs: fixup SEND validation check on overlapping src0/src1

Liviu Prodea (1):
      meson: Only draw with llvm depends on native directly Tests, softpipe or AMD drivers don't depend on it directly

Lucas Stach (3):
      etnaviv: move checking for MC2.0 for TS into screen init
      etnaviv: use linear PE rendering only on properly aligned surfaces
      etnaviv: add debug option to disable linear PE feature

Marcin Ślusarz (2):
      intel/compiler: fix mesh urb write regression
      anv: disable task redistribution

Marek Olšák (1):
      ac/surface: disallow 256KB swizzle modes on gfx11 APUs

Mark Collins (1):
      tu: Clamp priority in DRM submitqueue creation

Max Kellermann (2):
      gallium/u_threaded: add missing reference counts for draw_multi slots
      gallium/u_threaded: fix offset calculation for draw_multi slots

Mike Blumenkrantz (15):
      vk/render_pass: don't deref null resolve attachments
      zink: handle nir_intrinsic_sparse_residency_code_and mechanics
      zink: ignore nir_texop_lod for tex dest matching
      tu: fix invalid free on alloc failure
      zink: don't call util_queue_fence_init in zink_screen_get_pipeline_cache()
      zink: don't emit entrypoints for function temp variables
      zink: check the variable mode before taking samplemask path in ntv
      zink: explicitly use unsigned types for bit shifts
      zink: only add srgb mutable for images with modifiers
      zink: don't emit illegal interpolation
      llvmpipe: don't assume pipe_context is always available in flush_frontbuffer
      zink: flag all assigned output slots as mapped
      zink: handle split acquire/present
      st_pbo/compute: fix 1D_ARRAY offsets
      st_pbo/compute: fix 1D coord dimension by pre-trimming vectors

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (4):
      radeonsi: prevent u_blitter recursion in si_update_ps_colorbuf0_slot
      radeonsi: use nir_opt_large_constants earlier
      mesa: avoid reading back textures from VRAM
      radeonsi: invalidate L2 when using dcc stores

Qiang Yu (2):
      radeonsi: fix tcs_out_lds_offsets arg alignment
      winsys/amdgpu: fix non-page-aligned sparse buffer creation

Rhys Perry (5):
      radv: remove claimed support for sRGB vertex buffer formats
      radv: fix 16-bit support in radv_lower_vs_input
      aco: fix 16-bit VS inputs
      aco: don't expand vec3 VS input load to vec4 on GFX6
      aco: add SCC clobber in build_cube_select

Riteo (1):
      vulkan/device_select_wayland: fix a memory leak with DRM device handling

Rob Clark (2):
      llvmpipe: Add some missing locking
      freedreno: We really don't need aligned vbo's

Roman Stratiienko (2):
      v3dv: Enable sync_fd importing/exporting on Android
      v3dv: Limit API version to v1.0 for Android

Samuel Pitoiset (3):
      radv: re-emit viewports if negative one to one or depth clamp mode changed
      radv: fix bogus assertion with RADV_FORCE_VRS
      radv: fix pipelineStageCreationFeedbackCount when it's 0

SoroushIMG (1):
      zink: Fix incorrect emission of SPIR-V shift ops

Sviatoslav Peleshko (1):
      iris: Always initialize shader compilation queue ready fence

Timothy Arceri (1):
      glsl: dont lower precision for textureGatherOffsets

Timur Kristóf (2):
      aco: Fix p_init_scratch for task shaders.
      nir/gather_info: Clear cross-invocation output mask.

Yiwei Zhang (6):
      venus: fix external memory ext filtering
      venus: avoid feedback for external fence
      venus: allow no external memory handle when renderers lacks support
      zink: fix zink_create_fence_fd to properly import
      zink: fix in-fence lifecycle
      venus: ignore pInheritanceInfo if not secondary command buffer

Yonggang Luo (1):
      c11: #include <threads.h> when the os/platform provide it

sjfricke (1):
      anv: fix assert to build with shader cache disabled

git tag: mesa-22.2.0

SHA256: b1f9c8fd08f2cae3adf83355bef4d2398e8025f44947332880f2d0066bdafa8c  mesa-22.2.0.tar.xz
SHA512: 13a21b9ed6b0a5dfd0293b73df271a929c3155d83e8beb3d958fe18d79277f3611bf5b26a1186d446f4e1479a36bb13d0a13d6ac68937989fe7a0d917e12171e  mesa-22.2.0.tar.xz
PGP: https://archive.mesa3d.org/mesa-22.2.0.tar.xz.sig
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