[Mesa-announce] [ANNOUNCE] mesa-demos 9.0.0

Erik Faye-Lund erik.faye-lund at collabora.com
Wed Mar 22 15:12:30 UTC 2023

Alexandros Frantzis (1):
      egl: Add texture from pixmap example for GLES2.

Anders Kaseorg (1):
      meson: Fix DEMOS_DATA_DIR when with-system-data-files is enabled

Ben Brown (1):
      meson: Add missing build dependencies on glu

Bram Stolk (1):
      Take out non-sensical test: array is always not-null.

Erik Faye-Lund (97):
      meson: disable annoying msvc-warnings
      meson: suppress a few msvc warnings
      meson: suppress more annoying warnings
      wglutil.c: clean up size-wrangling
      glinfo_common.c: add int-casts
      glinfo_common.c: do not shadow variable i
      readtex.c: use float literals
      readtex.c: add explicit cast
      wglcontext.c: cast size_t to int
      wglinfo.c: fixup indent
      showbuffer.c: use float-literal
      wglthreads.c: remove unused argument
      sharedtex_mt.c: cast through uintptr_t
      wincopy.c: do not copy potentially uninitialized member
      README.rst: rename heading
      README.rst: capitalize GLUT and FreeGLUT
      README.rst: highlight folder names
      README.rst: remove Distribution from heading
      remove cmake and autotools support
      gitlab-ci: clean up job-names
      samples: remove unused variable
      util: remove unused source-file
      egl,util: factor out matrix-code from es2gears to util
      use matrix util code instead of open-coding
      glsl: use matrix utils
      redbook: use matrix utils
      install meson 0.59.4 from pip
      meson: update meson_version to 0.59
      meson: fallback to glut-dependency
      tests: remove unused variable
      eglut_wayland: terminate mainloop on display-close
      gitlab-ci: drop needless sys_root property
      gitlab-ci: add package for mingw pkg-config
      gitlab-ci: switch to pkg-config for glut on mingw
      meson: deprecate with-glut option
      meson: use a feature-option for glut
      meson: pass dep_glut to freeglut-detection
      util: rename mat4_frustum to mat4_frustum_gl
      util: add vulkan frustrum util
      vulkan: add vkgears demo
      eglut_wayland: handle keyboard-input
      eglut_wayland: refactor polling
      eglut_wayland: properly handle key-repeats
      remove geometry-shader demos
      gitlab-ci: re-sort packages
      vulkan: move wsi code into a wsi directory
      vulkan: move wsi selection to common code
      README.rst: mention vulkan demos
      egl: correct typo in copyright statement
      meson: add missing license-headers
      vulkan: add missing license headers
      meson: rework vulkan-detection
      vulkan: install vkgears
      add a mailmap-file
      egl: add missing license texts
      remove perf-tests
      meson: add a wrap for libdecor
      egl: install opengl-demos
      ci: forward concurrent-flag from ci-templates
      vkgears: fix non-gnu compilation
      ci: build using clang
      meson: build vkgears if either xcb or wayland is missing
      ignore checked-out subprojects
      update to glad 0.1.36
      vulkan/wsi: add missing space
      vulkan/wsi: mark fini_display as static
      vulkan/wsi: explicitly mark functions as void
      xdemos: avoid needless fallthrough
      meson: check argument syntax instead of compiler
      meson: enable some warnings on gcc/clang
      meson: allow falling back to alternative glu-detection
      meson: do not search for glu on macos
      util: do not require sincos()
      meson: disable some warnings on macos
      meson: explicitly check for glx dependency
      es2gears: do not define _GNU_SOURCE
      util: use gl2 program validation
      util: use gl2 program-parameters
      util: remove defective arb-shader fallback
      util: do not call gl2 through extra func-ptrs
      tests: use gl2-functions for logs
      meson: use win_subsystem instead of gui_app
      update some WIN32 vs _WIN32 checks
      meson: avoid building unix-source on windows
      demos/glinfo: make sure GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION is defined
      tests/texobj: require gl 1.1 headers
      redbook: require gl 1.3 headers
      demos: require gl 2.0 headers
      xdemos: require gl 3.2 headers
      meson: correct spelling
      meson: disable some msvc warnings for c++
      demos/vao_demo: pass literal pointers through uintptr_t
      tests/texdown: cast pointer to uintptr_t
      ci: enable mr-pipelines
      completely retire xmesa/fx code
      osdemos: link to dep_osmesa rather than dep_gl
      bump version to 9.0.0 for release

Hoe Hao Cheng (37):
      eglinfo: fix whitespace
      eglinfo: hook up glinfo_common.h
      eglinfo: print OpenGL[ES] extensions
      eglinfo: add dep_gl to meson.build
      es2_info: turn it into a proper .c file
      glinfo_common: move gl_versions out into another header
      eglinfo: use the glad library
      eglinfo: refactor the platform display if-ladder
      eglinfo: add command line options
      eglinfo: support api selection
      eglinfo: fix interaction with pre-1.4 EGL
      eglinfo: add -B brief output support
      eglgears: support rotating the gears
      eglut_wayland: do not segfault if special_cb is not set
      ci: add dependencies of libdecor to CI
      eglut_wayland: use libdecor for top-level decoration
      vulkan/wsi/wayland: use libdecor for top-level decoration
      demos: fix clang warnings on implicit conversions
      demos: fix clang warning on abs use
      eglut_wayland: fix clang warnings on missing field initializers
      vulkan/wsi/wayland: fix clang warnings on missing field
      es2gears: remove arithmetics on a null pointer
      demos: check for _WIN32 instead of WIN32
      meson: add various preprocessor defines for various OSes
      meson: update standard to C11 and C++17
      glinfo_common, glxinfo: switch to GLAD completely
      glinfo_common: remove wglinfo and glxinfo specific bits
      eglinfo: start including glinfo_common
      glinfo_common: move from xdemos to utils
      eglinfo: use print_extension_list() provided by glinfo_common
      eglinfo: parse -s option for single-extension-per-line output
      eglinfo: make PrintContextExtensions() return a string
      eglinfo: let createEGLContext() return version of the created
      eglinfo: parse -l for printing OpenGL limits
      eglinfo: print GPU memory info
      eglinfo: fix the ifdef-guard in parse_args()
      eglinfo: parse -v option for verbose visual infos

Jan Beich (5):
      meson/wayland: depend on epoll-shim after
      meson: explicitly depend clear demo on EGL (like autotools did)
      meson: disable eglfbdev on non-Linux (requires Mesa < 10.6,
      meson: disable XCB dependencies with -Dx11=disabled
      meson: simplify 3a9d085315d5 via null_dep

Ville Syrjälä (5):
      glxgears: Use NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
      xeglgears: Use NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
      xeglgears: Don't use override redirect
      xeglgears: Setup initial viewport size correctly
      xeglgears: Fix window resize

antonino (8):
      vkgears: factor out VkRenderPass creation
      vkgears: implement MSAA option in vkgears
      vkgears: add swapinterval option
      vkgears: factor out interface for wsi
      vkgears: x11 support
      vkgears: fullscreen, size parameters and exit
      vkgears: keyboard support
      vkgears: use keymap and handle repeat on wayland

orbea (2):
      meson: dep_libdecor is disabled without wayland
      vulkan/wsi: Fix -Wreturn-type warning

git tag: mesa-demos-9.0.0

SHA256: 3046a3d26a7b051af7ebdd257a5f23bfeb160cad6ed952329cdff1e9f1ed496b  mesa-demos-9.0.0.tar.xz
SHA512: af33ef72a521416e39d93370b2b4ccb768f08084c9e4c0aa62868210d9465c858e5cb8e5d23952295a3073946f609eb8723ee60b39dd9fb6696c4e45aafbb2c1  mesa-demos-9.0.0.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/demos/mesa-demos-9.0.0.tar.xz.sig

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