mesa: Changes to 'gallium-0.1'

Ian Romanick idr at
Thu Feb 14 16:53:17 PST 2008

 src/mesa/pipe/cell/spu/spu_vertex_fetch.c  |  160 +++++++++++++++++------------
 src/mesa/pipe/cell/spu/spu_vertex_shader.h |    3 
 2 files changed, 98 insertions(+), 65 deletions(-)

commit diffs at;a=summary

New commits:
commit 18fd3b757166c1c63284dc08f6dfd9e2061770be
Author: Ian Romanick <idr at>
Date:   Thu Feb 14 16:53:05 2008 -0800

    Cell: pass pointers to stored memory values
    Several routines use shuffle patterns that are stored in memory.  For
    code gen, it is difficult to directly access the data segments.  The
    routines have been modified to be passed a pointer to a global table
    of shuffle patterns.
    This *should* be the last change to this file before switching over to
    code gen.

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