mesa: Changes to 'gallium-0.1'

Brian Paul brianp at
Wed Jul 2 18:18:51 PDT 2008

The branch, gallium-0.1 has been updated
        Commits at:

Summary of changes:
 src/gallium/drivers/softpipe/sp_setup.c            |    6 +-
 src/mesa/main/api_validate.c                       |   20 +-
 src/mesa/main/mfeatures.h                          |    1 +
 src/mesa/shader/shader_api.c                       |   14 +-
 .../shader/slang/library/slang_common_builtin.gc   |   33 ++
 .../shader/slang/library/slang_common_builtin_gc.h |  315 ++++++++++----------
 src/mesa/shader/slang/slang_compile.c              |    6 +
 src/mesa/shader/slang/slang_link.c                 |    8 +
 src/mesa/shader/slang/slang_log.c                  |    3 +
 src/mesa/shader/slang/slang_simplify.c             |   32 ++-
 src/mesa/state_tracker/st_atom_sampler.c           |    3 +-
 src/mesa/state_tracker/st_atom_shader.c            |   33 ++-
 12 files changed, 287 insertions(+), 187 deletions(-)

       via  1ca23061478868d61b9b2e6a30367e8e1de4a456 (commit)
       via  98b7174ad6f6a74361e58136bdd235a092b07a40 (commit)
       via  dad8a7c90d96f37fedfe912a10ba3754c1666161 (commit)
       via  8fb4d602db48d425380e5508e3fd71cbdc2e7095 (commit)
       via  39b9b05313c8b8fce9b80e96819aded479e382c9 (commit)
       via  dff477a5e27c39aa61aac8e1555c345211e832b8 (commit)
       via  40739d4ae95054d45fa86e9668ad29fcbafd67e9 (commit)
       via  088c42c5c3cb34bac98fce95e4f3d08642834112 (commit)
       via  16caeeab4b495702b54963816ae45976b2563423 (commit)
       via  adc709e9960966bc03e510bc793b9d2703b3e863 (commit)
      from  8f98242d40b58c517181bc4777f4910ad24e6866 (commit)

- Commits -----------------------------------------------
commit 1ca23061478868d61b9b2e6a30367e8e1de4a456
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 19:18:10 2008 -0600

    mesa: fix vertex array validation test for attribute 0 (vert pos)
    We don't actually need vertex array[0] enabled when using a vertex
    cherry-picked from master

commit 98b7174ad6f6a74361e58136bdd235a092b07a40
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 19:11:49 2008 -0600

    gallium: replace an assertion with "if (!texobj) continue"
    It's possible to call update_samplers() between the time a fragment shader
    is bound and when a texture image is defined (such as glClear).  This
    fixes the case where we don't have a complete texture object yet.

commit dad8a7c90d96f37fedfe912a10ba3754c1666161
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 19:07:11 2008 -0600

    gallium: fix a bug in vertex program output mapping
    Need to translate VERT_RESULT_PSIZ, BFC0, BFC1 to TGSI shader output slots
    after all other attributes have been handled.  This fixes a bug where
    generic vertex program outputs (varying vars) could get mapped to the
    same slot at point size or back-face colors.

commit 8fb4d602db48d425380e5508e3fd71cbdc2e7095
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 19:05:18 2008 -0600

    gallium: nr_attrs was off by one, updated comments, minor code movement

commit 39b9b05313c8b8fce9b80e96819aded479e382c9
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:10:42 2008 -0600

    mesa: additional GLSL built-in constants

commit dff477a5e27c39aa61aac8e1555c345211e832b8
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:08:47 2008 -0600

    mesa: when linking a shader program, make sure all the shaders compiled OK
    cherry-picked from master

commit 40739d4ae95054d45fa86e9668ad29fcbafd67e9
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:08:28 2008 -0600

    mesa: added some debug code (disabled)
    cherry-picked from master

commit 088c42c5c3cb34bac98fce95e4f3d08642834112
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:08:09 2008 -0600

    mesa: fix error codes in _mesa_shader_source(), _mesa_get_shader_source()
    If the 'shader' parameter is wrong, need to either generate GL_INVALID_VALUE
    or GL_INVALID_OPERATION.  It depends on whether 'shader' actually names a
    'program' or is a totally unknown ID.
    There might be other cases to fix...
    cherry-picked from master

commit 16caeeab4b495702b54963816ae45976b2563423
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:06:26 2008 -0600

    mesa: regenerated file

commit adc709e9960966bc03e510bc793b9d2703b3e863
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jul 2 17:05:56 2008 -0600

    mesa: added some missing equal() notEqual() intrinsics
    cherry-picked from master


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