mesa: Changes to 'gallium-0.1'

Brian Paul brianp at
Wed Jun 11 19:50:50 PDT 2008

The branch, gallium-0.1 has been updated
        Commits at:

Summary of changes:
 src/mesa/main/ffvertex_prog.c |   21 +++++++++------------
 1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

       via  34ff12ca1fe7153671eea2fe084f3991094ec3ce (commit)
      from  11461f52be35d12bfe59ce0e9271cde8f118ed8e (commit)

- Commits -----------------------------------------------
commit 34ff12ca1fe7153671eea2fe084f3991094ec3ce
Author: Brian Paul <brian.paul at>
Date:   Wed Jun 11 20:50:26 2008 -0600

    Revert "mesa: further degenerate the special case lit substitute"
    This reverts commit e841b92d9c8bf48085b4996df828ae745977f931.
    This fixes two specular lighting conform failures.


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