mesa: Changes to 'r500-support'

Corbin Simpson csimpson at
Tue May 6 12:45:16 PDT 2008

The branch, r500-support has been updated
        Commits at:

Summary of changes:
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/r300/r500_fragprog.c |   30 +++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 1 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

       via  1562dd2c26d43bffa8c6bd08ec6128c750ad58ff (commit)
       via  fa465fb2b1ce4119e4ae8f9b64721f385f361ad9 (commit)
      from  171ba1d0d154f7fdeb712fd411f19e1ebddd3b55 (commit)

- Commits -----------------------------------------------
commit 1562dd2c26d43bffa8c6bd08ec6128c750ad58ff
Author: Corbin Simpson <MostAwesomeDude at>
Date:   Tue May 6 12:44:53 2008 -0700

    r5xx: Emit an OUT instruction at the end of execution.
    This should make TEX/TXP work right. (Note: "Should" is not "does.")

commit fa465fb2b1ce4119e4ae8f9b64721f385f361ad9
Author: Corbin Simpson <MostAwesomeDude at>
Date:   Tue May 6 12:42:40 2008 -0700

    r5xx: We update max_temp_idx now, so no need to hard-code it.
    This roughly doubles the speed of glxgears (GINAB) by allowing
    more pixels to run concurrently.


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