[Mesa-dev] [Bug 27748] MesaLib-7.8.1.zip windows compilation error

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Tue Apr 20 11:05:01 PDT 2010


--- Comment #1 from Karl Schultz <Karl.W.Schultz at gmail.com> 2010-04-20 11:05:01 PDT ---
I built from the zip files today with no errors.

library/slang_core_gc.h is a file that is generated at build time by the shader
compiler to create pre-defined shaders.

The glsl_apps_compile project within the solution builds this shader compiler
executable and then the build system invokes this shader compiler during the
building of the mesa project to generate the slang_core_gc.h header file, along
with a few others.

Normally, if you build the entire solution, this should just work, as the
shader compiler executable is built before the mesa project.  However, if you
force build the mesa project without building the shader compiler (in the
glsl_apps_compile project), then the header file will be missing.  The
dependencies in the solution are set up to build things in the right order,
unless they are overridden.

Please be sure you are building glsl_apps_compile before building mesa.

If the problem persists, please post the complete log file.

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