[Mesa-dev] [RFC] [PATCH 0/3] Make Gallium aware of GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE

Luca Barbieri luca at luca-barbieri.com
Wed Aug 11 12:02:45 PDT 2010

> With nv50 and nvc0 (Fermi), coordinate normalization is still part of
> the resource and not the sampler state. Even though the hardware does
> support mix and match of samplers and images, this normalization bit
> trashes the orthogonality/elegance.

Oh right, it's strange they didn't fix that in Fermi though.

Adding the normalization hint flag would then (minimally) benefit nv50
since u_blit would use unnormalized coordinates on
GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE textures, and the driver would save a
normalization switch (with no change to nv50 required).

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