[Mesa-dev] VTK Offscreen Segfaults

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohiou.edu
Thu Aug 12 08:02:49 PDT 2010

On 08/06/2010 05:20 PM, tom fogal wrote:
> Well, it does appear to be some type of symbol resolution/overloading
> issue.  However it seems to be with internal Mesa symbols.  Switching
> to a single library -- that is, putting OSMesaCreateContext, etc. into
> libGL directly, and getting rid of libOSMesa altogether -- seems like
> it would be the solution, but I imagine there's some reason that's not
> happening already.

Just for grins this morning I added basically everything in




The diff is attached.

I built VTK with :


The VTK's TestOSConeCxx now passes along with 6 of the other tests that
were failing.

For ParaView this change made the failing test count go from 161 failed
tests out of 1001 to 12 tests failed out of 1001.
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