[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 5/6] rtasm: add minimal x86-64 support and new instructions

Luca Barbieri luca at luca-barbieri.com
Thu Aug 12 10:42:42 PDT 2010

> Hey Luca -- I have to ask how far you're thinking of going with rtasm on
> x86-64...  I can say from experience that while it's a nice utility for
> generating very simple assembly (as in translate), as soon as you start
> getting into anything more complex, llvm is by far the better choice...

The code here is very minimal, mostly to get a version of
translate_sse designed for x86 working on x86-64 too (and it's also
quite experimental and could have issues, even though translate_sse
passes the testsuite)
I don't plan to expand it further than this personally.

LLVM is indeed generally a better option, but translate is probably
one of the places where it is less useful, due to the very specific
purpose of the code, and the fact that optimal performance requires
anyway to use architecture-specific code, and possibly even
processor-specific code for things like doing unaligned accesses in
the best way for the specific microarchitecture (which I don't attempt
to do in this patchset).

It would still be interesting to have an LLVM path at least for all
other architectures, but I'll leave that for future work.

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